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Many of the files from 1917 and 1918 appear to be absent from the collection. Although the numbering on those remaining shows that they originally existed, many files relating to particular aspects of the council's operation have been removed at some point in the past. Missing files include those requesting free use of the Town Hall and other municipal buildings, which could reveal valuable information about the types of entertainments, fundraising and other activities that supported the war effort. Likewise, requests from the Defence Department for permission for soldiers to march through the city — a significant feature of the previous year's files — are no longer present, being no longer required from 1917. While the files relating to the war are far smaller in number for this year compared to the previous (about 90% less), several themes are prominent. Particularly noteworthy are concerns (which had already begun to appear the previous year) with provisions and infrastructure needed for returned soldiers, both those who were ostensibly physically fit, as well as those with debilitating mental or physical injuries.


Digital Resources

Letter from Stewarts and Lloyds (Aust) Ltd
Claim for War Risk Insurance and increased cost on goods supplied to Parks Gardens Committee
Letter from Town Clerk
Copy of circular sent to various municipalities asking for copy of Council Minutes, Reports and Year Book
Letter from J.H. Owen
Re reformative activities of Melbourne Council in regard to housing conditions
Letter from E R Hudspeth and others
Application for position of Clerk in City Treasurer's Office
Letter from City Engineer
Recommending appointment of W Baglin as clerk at Destructor. Further recommendation as to appointment of F. Bushnil
Letter from State Recruiting Committee of Victoria
Erection of six Recruiting Thermometers on Administrative Buildings
Letter from L.J. Opie
Particulars of his duties whilst in Camp
Letter from The Registrar of Pensions
Asking information re Walter Randle and John Price
Letter from Lietenant C. Buckhurst Atkins
Forwarding drawings of soldiers engaged in the war for acceptance by Council
Letter from Overseas Club. Southern Cross Tobacco Fund
Thanking Council for donations towards Tobacco Fund, and forwarding new subscription list
Letter from City Treasurer
Recommending increased salaries to officers in the Department
Letter from John Danks and Son
Reporting that the Defence Department has requisitioned the 5th floor of their building, and that any structural alterations are made by them and that Danks cannot be responsible
Letter from Town Clerk
Question of future management of North Melbourne Recreation Reserve
Letter from City Treasurer
Officers in his Department. Anomalies in salaries
Letter from Minister for Home and Territories
Asking that Mr Campbell, Superintendent of Tree Planting be allowed to visit Canberra
Letter from A.N.A. Bear
Application for two month's leave of absence to recuperate, having just returned from active service abroad
Letter from A Chapman and others
Application for temporary position of Sanitary Inspector
Letter from Town Clerk
Town Planning Conference and Exhibition held in Adelaide from October 17th to 24th 1917
Letter from City Engineer
Reporting death of Mr Norman H. Christian on Active Service in France

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