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As in 1917, there were fewer files found in 1918 (only 34) than in the earlier years of the war. This year also sees the appearance of some of the most profound images of the war years, in the form of propaganda posters. Drawn by Norman Lindsay, they were never distributed, but show the horrors that the population were told that they would face if the Germans won the war. Designed to gather support for the war and for enlistment, they were part of a broader public propaganda program which the city council actively supported. Files from the second Australian Town Planning Conference show the continuing development of ideas around soldier settlement, not only in Melbourne but also throughout Australia. Council workers continued to enlist and to return from active service, while those men and women employees who died at war were listed on the honour role in the foyer of the Town Hall. In October, as the war drew to a close, public meetings and celebrations are called with each new victory and, finally, for the signing of the armistice on 11 November.


Digital Resources

Letter from Superintendent of Markets
Renovations to premises vacated by the State War Council at Western Market
Letter from State Recruiting Committee
Recruiting meeting Alexandra Park. Sunday 17th [February]
Letter from State War Council
Indulgence passage for wife of James Sherry a gardener employed by the Council
Letter from City Engineer
Stating that damage to the amount of £8:5:-- was caused to the hall, etc. at public meeting on 10th March [by the Returned Soldiers and War Workers Industrial Union]
Letter from Sergeant E. Bastings
Thanking Council for their congratulations on his decoration
Letter from Hallkeeper
Medical certificate for A. Brown (returned soldier) who will have to undergo an operation on his old wound
Letter from Public Service Commissioner
Payment of returned soldiers absent from duty
Letter from N.H. Brewer
Reporting his return from Active Service, and asking for re-instatement
Letter from L.G. Bowes
Advising his return from Active Service
Letter from Secretary to the Premier
Celebration of anniversary of declaration of War
Letter from Secretary, Department of Public Works
Asking that, in filling positions, preference be given to returned soldiers
Letter from City Treasurer
Reporting death in action of Private J.E. Brown
Letter from Officer of Health
Placing on Honor Roll of names of Nurse Singleton and Private T.G.O. Jordan
Letter from Special Enquiry Committee
Report No. 1
Letter from Lord Mayor
Submitting a memorandum in reference to visit of representatives to Second Australian Town Planning Conference and Exhibition
Letter from Abbatoirs Superintendent
Reporting death of Lieutenant C. Scott at the Front
Letter from Motor Drivers, etc.
Protesting against granting of a licence to a woman
Letter from Petition. Citizens
Asking that a public meeting be called to celebrate Allied successes in Balkans
Letter from Manager, The Stenotype Co
Suspension of instruction of officers in Stenography
Letter from Mrs T. Larter
Complaining of conduct of __ Cook, a council employe
Letter from Under Secretary for Lands
Asking information re Alexandra Park employes
Letter from Education Department
Requesting Council's permission for children to sell Flowers and badges in the City on Childrens Flower Day (1.11.18)
Letter from G. Smith
Appointment of temporary Junior Clerk
Letter from The Town Clerk
Arrangements re Public Meeting of Citizens to celebrate capitulation of Turkey in European War, 6th November 1918
Letter from Town Clerk
Duties of Town Clerks Staff
Letter from Mrs S.A. Southgate
re Arctic Exploration Medal
Letter from Town Clerk South Melbourne
Erection of homes for Returned Soldiers
Letter from W Thomson and others
Applications for Rate Collector etc at North Melbourne
Letter from President, Melbourne Hospital
Asking 'Thank Offering' on declaration of Peace

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