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International relationships and trade were quickly affected by the outbreak of war. Australia followed Britain in restricting commerce with German or other enemy alien suppliers. Initially this led to a supply shortage but later resulted in new business relationships, as well as the expansion of local industries.

Digital Resources

Raemaker's Cartoons
Louis Raemaekers, Raemaeker's Cartoons (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1916)
International Cartoons of the War
Helen Pearl Adam, International Cartoons of the War, (New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1916)
Stead's, 26 May 1917
Stead's (Melbourne: The Review of Reviews Pty Ltd, 1917)
The German Savages at Home
The British Empire Union, The German Savages at Home (Melbourne: The British Empire Union, 1914?)
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Reporting result of stocktaking of several of our important materials imported from Europe
Letter from The Adelaide Steamship Coy Ltd
Stating contract for large coal is suspended and offering to supply Engine Coal from Newcastle Pits at 24/- per ton
Letter from Eliza Tinsley
Stating all exporting from England and the Continent has ceased and referring to Council's consignment of Carborundum Wheels
Letter from The Polack Tyre Rubber Coy
Stating the Stocks of Solid Tyres in Australia at the present moment are very limited
Letter from Union Electric Coy of Australia Limited
Withdrawing all prices and discounts which have been hitherto quoted
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Memo. re position of the Council in regard to Contracts for Annual Supplies, where the contractor is unable to obtain his supplies
Letter from Continental C and G Rubber Coy Pty Ltd
Circular letter relating to the above Company since the Outbreak of War, stating Company has large stocks of its well known Tyres available
Letter from T G Scott and Son
Advising Despatch by next Mail, of a Copy of first issue of the Manufacturers' Illustrated Post, to be known as M I P
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Re covering shipments of goods going forward against War risk
Letter from City Surveyor
Reporting that the rates specified in the contract for Coal have under Special War Clause been advanced by 2/- per ton
Letter from City Surveyor
with regard to an extra War charge of 10/9 added on an a/c of Burnip and Company contractor for the supply of Bass and Kitool
Letter from Engineer and Manager Australian Metal Co Ltd
Misunderstanding about legality of trading with the company
Letter from Vaccuum Oil Company Pty Ltd
Replying to our letter of 3rd September re charges on goods to be supplied by them to the Council
Letter from Chartres Pty Ltd
Stating D Gestetner Duplicators and Supplies are made at Tottenham Hale England
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Advising that freight still remains at about 25% above normal
Letter from Stewarts and Lloyds
Re Contract for Tubing and Fittings and stating they have been subjected to £4/4/- % War Risk Insurance
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Enclosing contract for Carbon Brushes and Lamp Carbons (Websters)
Letter from City Surveyor
Referring to press cutting re trading of the Continental C and G Rubber Company Collins Street
Letter from Secretary Otago Expansion League (NZ)
Relative to the suspension of the Bluff-Hobart Melbourne Steamship Service
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Re Arc Lamp Globes and stating so far they have not been able to discover a source of supply
Letter from C Parker
Stating the Journal 'Mining Standard' will be known as 'The Australian Statesman and Mining Standard'
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Re quotations received from Johnson and Jorgensen Ltd and Macbeth Evans Glass Company to supply Arc Lamp Globes (and enclosing samples of Glass)
Letter from The Sanitas Company Ltd
Bringing under Notice their preparation called Sanitas Sypol
Letter from City Architect
Re extra expense (War Risk) W and T Avery Ltd have been put to in landing Weighing Machines for City Abbatoirs
Letter from L Parrington
Re Motor Balancer and stating he has lodged deposit and signed the Contract
Letter from Mngrs Siemens Bros Dynamo Works Ltd
Stating he called on the Members of the Council personally regarding British Companies with Enemy Shareholders
Letter from Australian Manufacturing and the British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
Statutory Declaration with regard to their tender for 5000 K W Turbine Set
Letter from G F Farrar
Asking that time of closing of tenders for Corkboard Insulation be extended
Letter from McIlwraith and McEacharn
Stating ordinary goods traffic has not been accepted by the Railway Companies [in England] owing to the transfer of troops etc
Letter from J Wildridge and Sinclair Ltc
Statutory Declaration in connection with their tender for Refrigerating Machinery
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Submitting letter from Siemens Brothers relative to prohibiting all enquiries from going to them for any material what so ever
Letter from Town Clerk Launceston
Asking if Council now deals with the firm known as Siemens Bros à
Letter from The Edison and Swan United Electric Light Company Ltd
With regard to Metal Filament Lamps and referring to remarks make by the Chairman of the Electric Light Supply Committee
Letter from Buckeye Harvester and Company
Bringing under notice their 'Ajak' Fluid Fire Extinguisher
Letter from C E Ebeling
Furnishing particulars relating to his Nationality
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co
Enclosing copies of letters Mitchel Cotts and Co in regard to the proving of claims for Cargo in respect of the 'Hamm' and the 'Apolda'
Letter from Town Clerk Newcastle
Asking for information as to the personnel of the Neuchatel Asphalt Company
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Copy of letter from British Insulated and Helsby Cables Ltd re tender for Bare Hare Drawn Copper Cables and referring to delivery within 12 weeks
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Acknowledging instructions of 18th March to order 1 No 3 Paunch Manure Expeller from VD Anderson and Co
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Report on tenders recently submitted for the supply of Carbons
Letter from City Architect
Re Visit of Japanese Training Squadron and stating flags of the Allies were purchased from Morwick for £10/-/-
Letter from Citizens of Melbourne
Requesting Lord Mayor to convene a Public Meeting re helping the Empire and her Allies
Letter from Munitions Committee, Defence Department
Production of Toluene for manufacture of High Explosives
Letter from J T Burnip and Co
Account for supply of Bass and Kitoon
Letter from McIlwraith McEacharn and Co.
Re Cargo on SS Hanan and Elbing
Letter from Town Clerk Sydney
Asking for 12 copies of Proclamation Trading with the Enemy Act 1914
Letter from State Munitions Committee
Informations relative to the manufacture of munitions
Letter from Town Clerk Sydney
Agreement fo Signature. British Insulated and Helsby Cables Ltd
Letter from Salvation Army, Kensington
Free use of Kensington Town Hall for an 'Allies' Fair
Letter from J H Beecham
Disorderly contuct of haranguers in Carlton Gardens
Letter from Public Health Department
Exhibition of War Trophies, (Suitability of Premises)
Letter from British Insulated and Helsby Cables Ltd
Forfeiture of deposit under Contract for Electrical Stores
Letter from Officer of Health
Stating that Chief Inspector of Factories did not intend to take conizance of the Commonweath Proclamation of the Australian metal Co as an enemy firm
Letter from American Exporter (Journal)
Stating they are sending copy and asking for subscription
Letter from Australian General Electric Co
Number of General Electric Co's shares held in Germany
Letter from Dalgety and Co Ltd
Re order of Explosives and Fuses
Letter from London Agents
Re S S Adelaide at Loanda, forwarding copy of letter from London Chamber of Commerce
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Stating British Government have appropriated 5500 K W Turbo Generator ordered from British Westinghouse Co
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Re contract for Motor Balance (Mr Lascelles Parrington) delay in delivery
Letter from Town Clerk
Re payment of money due under contract to Siemens Dyanamo Works Ltd, enemy firm
Letter from Town Clerk Sydney
Asking what action Council has taken with German or other enemy nationality employee
Letter from George C Allen
Re placing Belgium Flag and Tablet in Town Hall, Melbourne
Letter from Australia's Citizens Committee
To deal with Aliens and Alien Trade and to protect British Interests
Letter from London Agents
Certificate for classification of future orders
Letter from Hampton Political Labor Council
Re meeting held on Yarra Bank
Letter from London Agents
Re Floating Police covering merchandise against risk of damage from zeppelins etc
Letter from Public Health Department
Re diseased meat from W H Blackman and Co supplied to Troop Transport
Letter from Modern Printing Co Pty Ltd
Declaration as to extra cost of paper etc for month of April 1916
Letter from City Electrical Engineer
Re purchases of thired 2,000 KW Auto-transformer from the British Westinghouse Company
Letter from Mrs Coleman
Complaining of noise from toy factory, adjoining her house, owned by a German
Letter from Melbourne Steamship Company Limited
Coal Supplies Quotations for
Letter from London Agents
Copy of Supplement to London Gazette of 9th May giving full particulars of all goods prohibited for exportation
Letter from The Graphic Newspaper Co.
Re action to disqualify all Germans from holding representative positions during the war
Letter from City Engineer
McMicking and Co., re their contract for supply of steel
Letter from London Agents
Forwarding further copy of letter from London Chamber of Commerce re S S Adelaide
Letter from Secretary to The Premier
Acknowledging letter re disfranchisement of enemy aliens resident in Victoria
Letter from Commonwealth Engineer Ltd
Drawing attention to article in current issue entitled 'Nationalism versus Municipal Council'
Letter from O.C. Recruiting Depôt Town Hall
Asking for information re loyalty of E.J. Hirt
Letter from Town Clerk Brisbane
Asking for copy of regulation under War Precautions Act prohibiting use of crude tar, without permission
Letter from London Agents
Re British Westinghouse Co's contract for supply of Turbo set and Condensing Plant, Rotary Converter and Transformer, and Auto Transformer
Letter from O.C. Recruiting Depot Town Hall
Asking information on loyalty of Frederick William Diergarten of 225 Spring Street Melbourne
Letter from Stewarts and Lloyds (Aust) Ltd
Claim for War Risk Insurance and increased cost on goods supplied to Parks Gardens Committee
Letter from Town Clerk
Copy of circular sent to various municipalities asking for copy of Council Minutes, Reports and Year Book

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