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Dame Edna Place

Dame Edna Place is a dead-end lane located on the south side of Little Collins Street, between Elizabeth and Swanston streets. It is located near Royal Arcade and The Causeway. Formerly known as Brown Alley, the lane was renamed in March 2007 in honour of Melbourne's much-adored comedy icon Dame Edna Everage. Lord Mayor John So launched Dame Edna Place, along with ten Dame Edna look-alikes. Brown Alley was chosen to be renamed Dame Edna Place for several reasons. Firstly, two Brown Alleys existed in the city of Melbourne, the other located between King and William streets, extending through between Little Bourke and Lonsdale streets. This duplication of names could create confusion, especially in an emergency situation. Secondly, it was suggested that changing the name of Brown Alley would increase the visitation to the Little Collins Precinct, which includes Australia on Collins, Royal and Block Arcades.

Alexandra Gerner

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