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Batman Park

This reserve was established in 1982 on the north bank of the Yarra River between Kings Bridge and Spencer Street. Before the development of wharves downstream by the late 19th century, its location just to the west of the turning basin was at the epicentre of maritime activity. The park, managed by the City of Melbourne, was named for pastoralist and Port Phillip Association member John Batman. From 1981, Batman Park was home to Ron Robertson-Swann's sculpture nicknamed the Yellow Peril, relocated in 2002 to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. In 1997 the original turning basin, which had been filled in by the 1950s, was reinstated, and the portion of Batman Park to the east of Kings Bridge was renamed Enterprize Park after the schooner which landed at the site in 1835. The Melbourne Aquarium is located at the western end of Enterprize Park.

Sally Ruljancich