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(3153, suburb, 26 km E, Knox City)

A mixed-use suburb located between Boronia Road in the south and the Dandenong Creek in the north, Bayswater was originally known as Scoresby North. Cattle stations were established here in the 1840s, but after the parish was surveyed in the late 1850s, a number of smaller agricultural properties were established, many by German immigrants. In 1879 the district was renamed Bayswater, after bookmaker and publisher J.J. Miller's property nearby at The Basin. In 1889 a railway station on the new Ringwood to Ferntree Gully line opened at Bayswater, stimulating tourism, as well as the local orchard industry. Bayswater was recommended as the stop for those wishing to travel on through the picturesque mountain scenery to Sassafras or Olinda. A division of Dunlop Pacific opened at Bayswater in 1952, and a high proportion of the suburb's workforce is currently employed by local industries such as Siemens and Vulcan. Bayswater North forms that portion of the suburb bisected by Canterbury Road, and is the location of further manufacturers and industries including CSR, Kenworth and Dupont.

Jill Barnard