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Belgrave Heights Convention

The Belgrave Heights Convention is the Melbourne equivalent of the Keswick Convention for the deeper Christian life which began in the Lakes District in England in 1875. In Melbourne, meetings were begun by the Anglican Rev. H.B. Macartney in 1874. The movement grew, and a successful convention started at Geelong in 1891. This was the main forerunner of the Belgrave Heights Convention. Under the leadership of H.P. Smith the Melbourne Gospel Crusade began holding meetings for prayer and Bible study. These meetings developed into deeper life meetings, and in 1918 a successful convention was held at Upwey. The convention flourished, and in 1950 moved to Belgrave Heights. The convention expresses evangelical concern for scriptural holiness, missions, biblical exposition, interdenominational unity and lay initiative and leadership. For over 70 years it has given inspiration and encouragement and has played a crucial role in the evangelical movement in Melbourne.

Darrell Paproth

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