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(3942, 85 km S, Mornington Peninsula Shire)

Located towards the narrow south-western tip of the Mornington Peninsula, Blairgowrie was the site of lime-burning industries in the 19th century. In keeping with the nature of the western coast of the peninsula, it served as a rural retreat for wealthy Melbourne residents after the original squatting runs were sold by selection. Blairgowrie House, built in the 1870s for businessman and MLA Michael O'Grady, is a surviving example of the substantial homes established along the peninsula during this period. It was not until the post-World War II era that Blairgowrie was sufficiently developed to be labelled as a beach resort, with a yacht squadron, distinct from its prominent neighbours Sorrento and Rye. Only about a third of Blairgowrie's dwellings are now permanently occupied. The Mornington Peninsula National Park abuts the Bass Strait or back beach side of Blairgowrie.

Jill Barnard