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Bohemians Club

The Bohemians Club was founded in 1875 as a young men's club, drawing its members from the same families as the Melbourne Club. In their early years, The Bohemians (motto: Peradventure) played cricket in summer and performed theatricals in winter. To begin, the rules were vestigial, there was no annual fee, and the whole enterprise was conducted with a minimum of routine. The club bought land in Russell Street at the height of the 1880s land boom and nearly collapsed in the 1890s depression, surviving only by making a heavy call on members. By 1900 its character had became more sedate and it had settled into long-time quarters at 287 Collins Street. When it dissolved in 1931 (burdened by increased costs and a declining membership), its members joined the Melbourne and Australian clubs.

Paul De Serville

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