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(3121, 5 km E, Yarra City)

East of the industrial suburb of Richmond, with a frontage to the Yarra River, Burnley was named after early resident and local councillor William Burnley. Developed later than Richmond, mostly during the brief Edwardian boom, its wider streets and detached houses earned it a reputation as the 'Toorak of Richmond'. The Survey Paddock between the railway and the river was reserved in 1838 and provided a treasured recreation space for cramped city-dwellers. A special railway station called Picnic was built to transport day-trippers. The Burnley Gardens were established on the riverbank in 1862 and the Burnley Horticultural College opened in 1891. Noxious industry was equally attracted to the riverside: Abattoirs, tanneries, soap and candleworks, as well as grain stores. The South Eastern (Monash) Freeway was to sever the suburb's access to the river and the Survey Paddock became the Richmond Municipal Golf Course.

Janet Mccalman