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Cannibal Club

The artist George Coates established the Cannibal Club, mustered from his circle of bohemian art students at his studio in the North Melbourne Town Hall in around 1893. The Cannibals later rallied in a succession of city studios including Coates' room above Peppas' fruiterers, 62 Swanston Street, and enlivened gatherings of the Victorian Artists' Society. Cannibals included Leon Pole, who succeeded Coates as its king, the Lindsays (all of whom progressed to the Ishmael Club), Hugh McLean, Meyer Altson, Alek Sass, and Carl Archibald. The artist Tom Roberts was made an associate member of the 'Prehistoric Order of Cannibals' in 1896. The club ceased to function soon after.

Gavin De Lacy