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(3148, 14 km SE, Monash City)

Chadstone is bounded to the north by the Glen Waverley railway line, to the south by Scotchmans Creek. Chadstone farm, perhaps named after Chad's stone church near Malvern Hill in England, was located on what is now Chadstone Road in the 1870s. In 1881 the Sisters of the Good Shepherd built a convent and girls' reformatory which dominated the landscape of orchards and farmhouses until suburbanisation brought houses and factories to the area in the 1950s. The convent lands became the site for Melbourne's first suburban shopping mall, Chadstone shopping centre, opened by the Myer Emporium in 1960, and much expanded since. In 1989 residents of east Chadstone successfully petitioned Malvern Council to have their area renamed East Malvern.

Jill Barnard