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Clifton Hill

(3068, 4 km NE, Yarra City)

Clifton Hill comprises the elevated, north-eastern pocket of Collingwood and was named by early land speculator J.H. Knipe after Clifton near Bristol in England. In 1856 Collingwood Council annexed Clifton Hill, and in the 1860s the Crown sold residential blocks to the east of Hoddle Street. The council established an abattoir and manure depot near Merri Creek, both of which were closed in the 1880s, and opened a quarry which operated until 1963. Residential development was almost completed in the 1880s and a shopping centre was developing along Queen's Parade. Brick houses, wide streets, the Darling Gardens and Mayor's Park served to differentiate Clifton Hill from the lowlier Collingwood Flat. A cable tram from the city made the area a convenient residential location for white-collar city workers. By the early 20th century, industrial development led to a decline in the suburb's desirability. It was rejuvenated from the 1970s as middle-class professionals rediscovered the district and began buying and renovating houses. A historic Shot Tower (1882) beside Alexandra Parade is a reminder of the suburb's industrial past.

Jill Barnard