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Coonans Hill

(Moreland City)

Adjoining Moonee Ponds Creek north of Moreland Road, this locality in Pascoe Vale South was named after labourer Michael Coonan and his wife Ellen, natives of Tipperary.

They purchased a 62.5-acre (25 ha) farm in 1867 but sold it to a developer in 1888, living in their farmhouse on investments. Scattered housing emerged at Coonans Hill about 1920, complete coverage occurring around 1950. Alan Strange, a local farmer, purchased Lyndhurst Hall in East Brunswick, re-erecting it at Walhalla Street in 1860. This prefabricated two-storeyed wooden structure, still extant, was imported in the 1850s. Frank Strange built the adjacent 'Peace Hall' around 1920 to conduct Methodist services.

Richard Broome