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Crib Point

(3919, 70 km SE, Mornington Peninsula Shire)

Fishermen's huts or 'cribs' located on the shore were possibly the source of Crib Point's name. Lots were surveyed for sale in 1888 when the Frankston-Stony Point railway was being constructed, but Crib Point remained largely the haunt of fishermen until the adjacent Flinders Naval Depot, later renamed HMAS Cerberus, established on 1640 ha between 1913 and 1920, stimulated the growth of a small community. Residential and commercial growth accelerated in the wake of the development of Westernport as a significant port and industrial centre in the 1960s, including, from 1966 to 1985, a BP Australia refinery at Crib Point.

Jill Barnard