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(3929, 72 km S, Mornington Peninsula Shire)

The Parish of Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula was named after explorer Matthew Flinders, who briefly visited the area in 1802. The Roads District of Flinders was proclaimed in 1868, and the Shire of Flinders and Kangerong (known as the Shire of Flinders from 1914) in 1874. The point at the south-eastern edge of the peninsula, where Bass Strait meets Westernport, now occupied by the seaside town of Flinders, was known as Black Head when the first pastoral run in the area was taken up in 1840. A small fishing community was later based here. In 1869 a cable station was established, from which the submarine telegraph cable was laid, linking the Australian mainland to Tasmania. A number of buildings were added in association with the cable station, including a jetty in 1870. Local farmers and fishermen used the jetty to transport their produce to Melbourne markets. The Flinders cable station remained in use until the mid-20th century, but the pier continues to be used by recreational fishermen. The Shire of Flinders was incorporated into the new Mornington Peninsula Shire in 1994.

Jill Barnard