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Glen Waverley

(3150, 20 km SE, Monash City)

This district of former orchards and market gardens is centred along Springvale Road and extends on High Street Road to Dandenong Creek. It was known as Black Flat until 1905. A church, school, post office from 1885, stores, smithy, public reserve and Mechanics Institute hall (1909) clustered around the Waverley Road intersection, servicing farming families who settled when Crown blocks were sold from 1854. The permanent brick school (1880), now a funeral parlour, has local heritage status. The railway terminus (1930) a kilometre northwards became the focus at an accelerating pace after 1955. Resiting the station 250 metres to the west in 1964 allowed a central parking square for shoppers. To its north is The Glen shopping centre, originally a 1967 Hooker Project, expanded in 1991, 1996 and 2002.

Susan Priestley

Priestley, Susan, Cattlemen to commuters: A history of the Mulgrave District, now the City of Waverley, 1839-1961, John Ferguson, Sydney, 1979. Details