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Greek Precinct

Lonsdale Street between Russell and Swanston streets was designated in 1994 to mark a history of Greek commercial and social activities in the precinct dating from 1913, when a Greek-owned fish and oyster saloon and a wine shop opened. The area became the heart of Melbourne's Greek community as the number of Greek-owned shops, caf├ęs and restaurants increased with postwar immigration. In 1964 the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (inaugurated in 1897) moved to the corner of Lonsdale and Russell streets. Although the number of businesses has now decreased, the precinct remains the communal heart of the Greek community. The annual Antipodes 'Glendi' Festival, celebrating Greek National Day, attracts many thousands of people to the precinct, as do events commemorating Greek successes, such as the 2004 European Cup.

Nicholas Vlahogiannis