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(3088, 18 km NE, Nillumbik Shire, Banyule City)

Located on the western side of the Plenty River, Greensborough was originally called Keelbundoora after the parish in which it is located. In the 1840s market gardens and orchards were established here, close to a flour mill on the river. Edward Green purchased 643 acres (259 ha) of land at this time and surveyed a township of small farms and town blocks. Many of these were purchased in the 1850s when the nearby Caledonia goldfield provided a market for food and services, making Greensborough a commercial centre on the road from Heidelberg to the Diamond Valley. By the 1860s the village had adopted Green's name. Greens-borough railway station opened in 1902 with the extension of the line from Heidelberg to Eltham. Greensborough remained a horticultural district and popular picnic location until the 1950s when suburban subdivisions commenced. In 1980 Greensborough was earmarked by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works as a 'suburban activity centre' where employment, entertainment, shopping and transport for the local region would be concentrated.

Jill Barnard