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(3188, 14 km S, Bayside City)

Situated on Port Phillip Bay, between Brighton and Sandringham, Hampton was part of the Shire of Moorabbin until the City of Sandringham was created in 1917. In the 1880s the coastal portion began to serve as a beach resort with the rest of the area devoted to market gardens. A pier was built in 1882 and soon there were two hotels, a coffee palace and sea baths. The local station on the Sandringham railway line, opened in 1887, was named after the Retreat Hotel. Pressure from local land boomers saw this changed to match their new Hampton Estate, a name derived from the English royal residence, and also the name of an early settler. In the early 20th century Hampton was gradually settled with suburban residences, with Hampton Street becoming a popular shopping centre. Many open spaces remained until World War II but by the end of the 20th century Hampton was an affluent and mainly residential suburb.

Jill Barnard