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(3757, 44 km N, Whittlesea City)

Humevale was the name chosen by second-generation settlers for the township north of Whittlesea that was originally known as Scrubby Creek. The land was first used as the town common, then sold as a village settlement in 1894, with blocks purchased by the Plenty River Fruit Growers Association. T.R. Gilchrist and R.E. Dawson planted the Glenlinton Vineyard which, for over 30 years, sold wine made from semillon, hermitage and cabernet sauvignon grapes in Britain. Dawson's sons grubbed out the vines during the depression. The Whittlesea Country Club now occupies part of Dawson's land, surrounded by scattered equine and grazing properties and hobby farms.

Gwynedd Hunter-Payne