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Inner Circle Railway

The Inner Circle Railway line from Royal Park to Clifton Hill opened for traffic on 8 May 1888, as part of the route from Heidelberg to Spencer Street via North Melbourne. It later provided a connection for the Preston and Whittlesea line. A spur line was provided to Fitzroy. The route was so circuitous that most people left it at some point and completed their journey to the city by cable tram. That ended with completion of the rail link to Princes Bridge. From then on, 'roundabouts' that ran between Flinders Street and Princes Bridge via Royal Park served North Carlton and North Fitzroy. The Fitzroy spur was only ever used for goods traffic. The Inner Circle line was electrified in 1921. All passenger services on the Inner Circle ceased in 1948, but goods trains continued to use it. The line was finally closed to all traffic in 1965. In 1999 the route of the Inner Circle line was still evident along the northern side of Park Street, North Carlton, with the stations converted to residences. The former Fitzroy spur had been converted to a walking and bicycle track from Park Street to Edinburgh Gardens.

Brian Carroll