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Melbourne Deutscher Turn Verein

The Melbourne German Gymnasts' Association was formed in April 1860, with F. Gelbrecht its president and Ernst Metzger its instructor. Already in the 1850s in Collingwood, Herr Schlobach had a 'Turnplatz' (gymnastic yard) and urged his countrymen to exercise there. Interest sprang from the 'Turner' movement begun in Germany by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852). Both Turn Vereins and Liedertafels encouraged Germans to express their newly discovered nationalism. In 1862 there was a large gymnastic and singing festival. Annual Turn Verein picnics on Boxing Day became popular, and by 1885 the Association had more than 600 members. After World War I the Turn Verein was forced to sell its premises, and in 1921 amalgamated with Club 'Tivoli', becoming 'Club Tivoli, Deutscher Verein Melbourne'.

Walter Struve

120 Jahre Club Tivoli 1860: Deutscher Verein Melbourne, The Club, Melbourne, 1980. Details