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Methodist Ladies' College

Founded in Kew by Wesleyan Methodists, Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) was established as a large, multi-disciplinary, single-sex, middle-class, boarding and day school organised on independent school lines, characteristics it retains, along with its motto Deo Domuique - For God and for Home. From 1882 to 1928 four headmasters, three lady superintendents and a staff of qualified women served under the president, W. H. Fitchett, internationally known churchman, historian and journalist. Three clergymen and one layman succeeded him as principals until Ms Rosa Storelli's appointment in 1997. In 1982 MLC, a Uniting Church school from 1977, was restructured as four administratively distinct schools covering kindergarten to year 12 and incorporated as a limited guarantee company. Student numbers, 111 by the end of 1882, increased to around 2000. Initially built on 3 acres (1.2 ha), the site now covers 15 (6.07 ha). The main building (1882) with tower (1885) faces Barkers Road alongside the music school (1994) with the chapel (1959) at the main entrance. The resource centre (1974) forms part of Glenferrie Road's streetscape. From 1988 MLC pioneered computer-based learning nationally and internationally. Since 1991 year 9 residential environmental education has been provided at Marshmead campus, Mallacoota.

Ailsa G. Thomson Zainu'Ddin

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