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Mont Albert

(3127, 13 km E, Whitehorse City, Boroondara City)

A garden suburb straddling two municipalities, Mont Albert grew from a railway station (1890) on the Lilydale line. Enthusiasts established Melbourne's second golf club there (1892-1907). Despite initial land speculation and building, open spaces prevailed until between 1900 and 1916 when Mont Albert experienced its major housing construction. Shops built in Hamilton Street 1912-13 became a focal point. The Kew to Union Road electric tram extension (1916) encouraged housing north of Whitehorse Road. A handsome central school opened in 1917. Mont Albert North (3129) is bounded by Koonung Creek and Elgar Road. Mature trees and gardens remain a feature, but large blocks proved a lure for unsympathetic development later in the 20th century.

Andrew Lemon