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Mount Donna Buang

Located in the Yarra Ranges National Park near Warburton this 1250-m mountain, known to early European settlers as Mount Ackerley or Mount Acland, after the soldier Colonel Acland Anderson, now carries a rendition of its Aboriginal name, meaning 'the body of the mountain'. In 1912 a bridle track designed by Carlo Catani of the Public Works Department was opened to the summit, and an observation tower (since rebuilt) was constructed. The mountain became a popular destination for walkers and skiers, especially after the Ski Club of Victoria made various improvements during the 1920s. After motor cars gained access to the area it became overcrowded and skiers went to more remote snowfields. Winter activity is now mainly snowballing and tobogganing. The Mount Donna Buang Skywalk at Cement Creek provides access to the mountain ash canopy.

Jenny Keating