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Mount Waverley

(3149, 16 km SE, Monash City)

Mount Waverley is a large, mainly residential suburb located between Ashwood and Syndal. An enthusiast for Walter Scott's novel Waverley adopted the name for an aborted township subdivision of 1854. On the same range crest, a reservoir integral to Melbourne's water supply was completed in 1929. Small farmers in the 1860s and subsequent generations of orchardists preserved the name, 'Mount' being added in 1905 to distinguish it from the renamed Glen Waverley area. The original Anglican church of St Stephen (1864) is the oldest extant building. Suburban development, initiated in the late 1920s, accelerated during the 1950s with a series of A.V. Jennings estates in the declared brick area around the railway station and the adjacent distinctively planned Hamilton Square shopping precinct. Community effort helped regenerate bushland in Valley Reserve.

Susan Priestley