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(3163, 13 km SE, Glen Eira City)

The name of this eastern portion of the former City of Caulfield is an adaptation of the Aboriginal word mirambeena. Murrumbeena was officially adopted when the railway station opened in 1879. In the 1850s two hotels on Dandenong Road serviced travellers and local farmers like William Lyall who established a model farm, Frogmore, where he bred sheep and horses and experimented with grasses. Murrumbeena was predominantly a market garden and orchard district in 1908 when potter Merric Boyd and decorator Doris Gough established their house called Open Country with the pottery in the garden. In 1944 Arthur Boyd, along with John Perceval and Peter Herbst, established the Arthur Merric Boyd pottery in a former butcher's shop in Neerim Road. They were joined in 1950 by Neil Douglas. In 1934 A.V. Jennings built his second estate, the Beauville, in Murrumbeena, although residential growth did not really accelerate until after World War II.

Jill Barnard