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Museum of Chinese Australian History

Opened in 1985 at 22 Cohen Place off Little Bourke Street, this museum documents, preserves, displays and informs the community about the significant contribution of Australians of Chinese descent to the country's settlement and development. In 1984, with support from the Victorian Tourism Commission, the Chinese Community and the Melbourne City Council, the State Government funded the purchase of the former Cohen Bros & Co. furniture warehouse, constructed in 1890. The collection includes historic family, business and community artefacts, documents, illustrative and audio-visual materials, and the spectacular Millennium Dai Loong Dragon. The Museum has also been involved in archaeological investigations and the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation project.

Barbara Nichol

Macgregor, Paul, 'The material heritage of Chinese Australians: a survey and evaluation of the collection of the Museum of Chinese Australian History', in P. Macgregor (ed.), Histories of the Chinese in Australasia and the South Pacific: proceedings of an international public conference held at the Museum of Chinese Australian History, Melbourne, 8-10 October 1993, The Museum, Melbourne, 1995. Details