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Noble Park

(3174, 25 km SE, Greater Dandenong City)

This large residential suburb 5 km north-west of Dandenong began as a subdivision in 1909 by Allan Buckley. Having used the land to demonstrate explosives developed by Alfred Nobel, Buckley called the estate Nobel Park but it was soon transformed into Noble Park. He encouraged early settlement seeking a school, church, store, and the railway station (1912). Growth was slow but, in the early 1920s, the Railways set up a poultry farm and Cyril Isaacs established a large plant nursery. The focus of the small community was its local hall. Residential growth in the second half of the century swallowed the market gardens and grazing paddocks and by the 1990s 51% of its population was overseas-born, including Vietnamese, Sri Lankans, and immigrants from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Gillian Hibbins

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