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Nylex Corporation Limited

One of Australia's largest plastics manufacturers and merchandisers, Nylex had its origins in the 1930s as Moulded Products Pty Ltd, incorporated in 1939. Prior affiliations with Dunlop were followed by the establishment of purpose-built factories in Richmond (1939) and Nepean Highway, Mentone (1946). A successful developer of new extrusion techniques and plastics, the company has been affiliated with many other Australian and American companies, including ICI, Olex Cables, Humes, ACI, Dunlop, and Armstrong Floor Tiles. The company title was changed in 1967, utilising the 'Nylex' trademark registered in 1941. Popularly known for its garden hose-fittings and common domestic and industrial products, the company is a subsidiary of the British Tyre and Rubber Co. Early associations with the Derham family are significant. The plant at Mentone has been the subject of resident concern about air and beach pollution. The Nylex Plastics sky-sign with LED thermometer and clock display, erected on the No. 2 Silos of the Richmond Maltings in 1961, is a landmark at the eastern gateway to Melbourne, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Mike Williams