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(3090, 20 km NE, Nillumbik Shire)

This undulating district lies to the east of the Plenty River, north of Greensborough and bordering the Plenty Gorge Metropolitan Park. Joseph Tice Gellibrand, member of the Port Phillip Association, named the Plenty River, a tributary of the Yarra River, in 1836 on account of the promising land nearby. Crown land was sold in 1840 but was mainly farmed by tenant farmers, who planted fruit and vegetables, as well as wheat to supply flour mills along the river. The Plenty Valley was prone to bushfires and was regarded as the resort of bushrangers and other fugitives from the law. It was not until 1913 that blocks were subdivided for closer settlement and orchards. The Sutherland homes for children opened in 1912, followed by a local state school in 1924.

Jill Barnard