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(3095, 27 km NE, Nillumbik Shire)

Research sits along the hills and tributary gullies of the Diamond Creek and is a largely suburbanised area, with remnant central rural pockets. Between Eltham and Kangaroo Ground on the road to the Caledonia goldfields, the area was subject to a minor rush in 1855 and was 're-searched', hence its name, in 1861. Parts were subsequently sold as Crown allotments. Orchards and small agriculture ensued, but it was difficult country to work. A country school opened in 1889. Cheap land encouraged suburban settlement in the 1920s and again in the 1950s, but the area shared in Eltham's greater prosperity with improved road access in the 1970s. By the end of the 20th century the suburb had a high proportion of high-income households.

Andrew Lemon

Lemon, A. (ed.), Return to Research: a centenary history of Research Primary School, Hargreen Publishing and Research Primary School, Melbourne, 1989. Details