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(3179, 25 km SE, Knox City)

Scoresby is a mixed-use suburb located between Dandenong and Corhanwarrabul creeks. The parish of Scoresby was surveyed and named in 1857, one year after the death of Arctic navigator William Scoresby, who had visited the colony in 1856. In the 1950s Scoresby was Victoria's brussels sprout capital, fruit and vegetable cultivation being the dominant local industry. But the first housing estate was subdivided at the end of that decade, and over the next 30 years market gardens were replaced with suburban houses and industries, including a brick factory using locally quarried clay. The Caribbean Boat Factory, which began after World War II, established Caribbean Gardens and Lake Caribbean as product-testing grounds, later developing the property as a pleasure garden, with facilities for public boating, water-skiing and picnics.

Jill Barnard

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