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University High School

This co-educational government secondary school, situated in Story Street, Parkville, was opened in February 1910 as the University Practising School, the name University High School being adopted in 1912. At first the refurbished buildings of the old State School 1073 in Lygon Street, Carlton, were used but the school moved to purpose-built facilities in Story Street in late 1929. In addition to providing academic instruction for secondary students, University High School served as a practising school for university students completing the University of Melbourne's Diploma of Education (established 1902). This meant that it maintained a close association with the University, some of its staff also holding university teaching positions. In its early years, University High received some special privileges (e.g. longer holidays), but these were gradually removed so that it operated along similar lines to other government schools. Postwar immigration ensured that the student population became multi-ethnic and this remains a feature of the school today. Although there is still selective entry for some places, most students now come from the local area. The current enrolment is approximately 1180 students. There is a specialist music program and an accelerated learning program for gifted students.

Ian Wilkinson

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