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Wheelers Hill

(3150, 22 km SE, Monash City)

This district is centred on the high ridge east of Springvale Road. In 1888 Mulgrave post office at the hotel store on the corner of Jells and Ferntree Gully roads was renamed Wheelers Hill, commemorating the early pastoralist Wheeler brothers. Between 1905 and 1940 the steep climb to the hotel was a popular motor car and motor cycle trial course. Local orchardists and vegetable growers used the easier dogleg deviation now taken by Marykirk Drive. Housing development beginning in the early 1960s did not extend beyond Lum Road until the 5-acre (2 ha) lot minimum was revoked in 1969. Some prestigious estates put power and telephone lines underground, a pattern set by Appletree Hill off High Street Road, designed by architect Robin Boyd in 1965-66. A shopping centre set back from Jells Road opened in 1979, a high school, municipal library and health centre in 1980. A new library incorporated with Monash City Gallery opened in 2002.

Susan Priestley