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(3085, 15 km NE, Banyule City)

This small region north-east of Heidelberg takes its name from Yallambie Park, a property of 600 acres (240 ha) on the Plenty River established in the 1840s by Quaker pastoralist brothers, John and Robert Bakewell. A later owner, Thomas Wragge, built a substantial home on the property in the 1870s, adjacent to earlier buildings that date from the 1830s or 1840s. After Wragge's death in 1908 Yallambie was divided. The larger part was subsequently purchased for the Watsonia Army Camp (Simpson Army Barracks), which now occupies about half the suburb. The remainder, including the homestead, was farmland until the 1960s when it was purchased for subdivision by A.V. Jennings and absorbed into the advancing suburban frontier.

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