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Yarra Junction

(3797, 58 km E, Yarra Ranges Shire)

Yarra Junction is located on the Warburton Highway, just east of where the Little Yarra River joins the Yarra River. When the locality changed its name from Little Yarra Junction in 1908, the area was renowned for fishing, hunting, and its forest scenery. In the early years of the 20th century it was one of the greatest timber centres in Victoria; indeed, it was claimed that more timber passed through here than anywhere in the world outside Seattle. Tramways brought timber from the sawmills to the main railway at Yarra Junction, opened in 1901. Local residents have included Arthur Upfield, creator of the fictional Aboriginal detective Napoleon Bonaparte, and Jack Dyer, the Richmond footballer and sports commentator. After the Lilydale-Warburton railway closed in 1965, the Upper Yarra Historical Society established a museum in the old station.

Jenny Keating