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    Correspondence file between George Robertson & others and the City of Melbourne, re building in Herald passage off Bourke St East, 17 August 1868, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

Angelo Lane

'Angel Lane' ran south off Post Office Place (now Little Bourke Street) just east of the General Post Office. In 1860, the lane contained several businesses pertaining to engineering, basket-making, and corn dealing. Maps from the early twentieth century indicate that Angel Lane tapered to become a narrow pedestrian walkway towards Bourke Street. This walkway was originally a private passage known in 1868 as the 'Herald Passage'. From 1911, the lane was progressively surrounded by the shops of the Myer Emporium. By the 1950s, the lane had been renamed 'Angelo Lane', and the Herald Passage had disappeared under the roofs of Myer. Today the lane is gated at the entrance from Little Bourke, but since the mid twentieth century, the name 'Angelo Lane' has also extended to Angel Lane's neighbour across Little Bourke Street, once known as Condells Lane. This section of the lane now stretches through and around the Myer buildings to emerge on Lonsdale Street.

Edwina Byrne

Sands & McDougall’s commercial and general Melbourne directory, Sands & McDougall, Melbourne, 1860. Details
Unit 468, no.1; VPRS 3181/P000, City of Melbourne Town Clerk's Files Series 1; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details