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Benson Lane

Benson Lane was once Tattersalls Horse Bazaar, a vast complex of stables with an impressive, semi-palatial fa├žade, owned by a John Black. After the demise of the Bazaar, around the turn of the twentieth century, Benson Lane likely made use of the bridged entry to the stables in establishing its course west from Exhibition Street, just north of Collins Street. Here it remained as its surrounds changed and produce stores became banks and social clubs. In 1977, the octagonal Nauru House was built on the north-east corner of Benson Lane's city block, and the area surrounding the high rise was converted into a courtyard. Although it now lacks the definition provided by surrounding buildings, Benson Lane remains in its original location at the Paris End of Collins Street, elegantly paved and providing a pleasant space in which to drink coffee from one of the several cafes it now boasts.

Edwina Byrne

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