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    Caledonian Lane, May 1960, courtesy of City of Melbourne.

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    Correspondence between Cohen Aron & Co. & others and City Surveyor, City of Melbourne, re Caledonian Lane, 7 August 1878, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

Caledonian Lane

Caledonian Lane connects Little Bourke and Lonsdale streets near Swanston Street. It was named for the Caledonian Hotel, which had been built by Presbyterian minister J.P. Clow in 1839. In 1860, the lane contained the business premises of architects, wine and spirit merchants, and general carriers. By 1895, there were four hotels occupying the Swanston Street side of the lane (the Western Hotel, the Tasmanian Club Hotel, the European Hotel and the Castlemaine Club Hotel) as well as the Spectator publishing house. Today the lane is primarily a service access way, but it also contains a bar and connects to Drewery Lane.

Edwina Byrne

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