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    Correspondence file between Sands & McDougall and Public Works Committee, City of Melbourne, 28 August 1874, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

Coopers Alley

Coopers Alley ran north from Flinders Lane between Elizabeth and Queen streets. In 1895, it offered rear access to the Union Bank on Collins Street, and contained the premises of Sands and McDougall Pty Ltd and a few other merchants. Coopers Alley and the surrounding buildings were demolished in the 1970s for the creation of the Optus Centre on Collins Street.

Edwina Byrne

Sands & McDougall’s commercial and general Melbourne directory, Sands & McDougall, Melbourne, 1895. Details
MMBW Detail Plan, 1010, City of Melbourne, image no bw0001, 1895; MMBW Melbourne Sewerage Plans 1890s - 1950s; State Library of Victoria. Details

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