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Donaldson Lane

Donaldson Lane is located between Swanston and Russell streets, between Little Bourke and Bourke streets. It has two entrances from the west side of Russell Street, which are connected to form a C-shape. The southern portion of the lane connects with Georges Place. Prior to 1950, Donaldson Lane was known as Cyclorama Lane, due to its location near the old Cyclorama in Little Collins Street, and the King's theatre. Built by William Anderson, the King's Theatre opened in July 1908. Anderson was known for promoting local artists and plays set in and around Melbourne. The theatre was taken over by Edmund Duggan and Bert Bailey in 1915, and continued to operate until 1958. It was demolished and the Barclay Cinema was built in its place, until its demolition in 1976. A new cinema was built in its place by Greater Union, opening in November 1978 and is still present today.

Alexandra Gerner

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