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George Parade

George Parade is located between Russell and Exhibition streets, extending from Flinders Lane to Collins Street. It was formerly known as La Trobe Parade until after 1915. As was standard for most lanes, George Parade was home to a hotel. The Windsor Castle Hotel was located on the corner of La Trobe Parade and Flinders Lane in 1895. The laneways were also often the location of warehouses and manufacturing businesses. The laneways were created as rights-of-way, and thus provided these buildings with access for deliveries. One such business requiring access for frequent pick-ups and deliveries was a printing press, located at 24 La Trobe Parade.

Alexandra Gerner

MMBW Detail Plan, 1008, City of Melbourne, 1895; MMBW Melbourne Sewerage Plans 1890s - 1950s; State Library of Victoria. Details