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Godfrey Street

Godfrey Street is located between Spencer and King streets, extending north from Little Collins Street through to Bourke Street. In 1895, Godfrey Street was formed when the land was subdivided. It was possibly named for the developer. Businesses located on Godfrey Street in 1891 included Wood's Hotel, along with a refreshment room, several fruit sellers, and an oyster saloon. In 1891, construction began on the building which was to house the Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Company. Designed by architects Twentyman and Askew, the building was constructed from red brick with Gothic-style arched windows. Today the building is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register for its architectural significance, and for its historical connection with Melbourne's tram system. The Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Company was responsible for developing the first horse-drawn tramway system, and the extensive cable tram system in 1885, which had a profound effect on the development of the character of the city.

Alexandra Gerner

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