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Greville Place

Greville Place is located between Exhibition and Spring streets, extending north from Little Bourke Street to a dead-end.

At the heart of the red-light district, on the corner of Greville Place and Little Bourke Street-east of Exhibition Street-the Salvation Army began its efforts to sustain and redeem the derelicts of Melbourne. The hall they used had been set up as a medical centre in 1879 by Dr John Singleton, a tireless philanthropist, whose main hospital in Collingwood was a pace-setter in caring for the poor. He recorded that the Greville Place hall was 'in the very midst of a nest of not less than a hundred brothels'. [Weston Bate, Essential but unplanned, p. 94]

In 1895, the occupants of Greville Place reflected its location in the Chinatown region. Four houses were occupied by Chinese residents, whilst the Sang Goon store was also located here.

Alexandra Gerner

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