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Hardware Lane South

Hardware Lane South is located between Queen and Elizabeth streets, extending from Bourke Street to Little Bourke Street. It continues across Little Bourke Street to Lonsdale Street as Hardware Lane North. This lane occupies the site that was once Kirks Bazaar. In 1925, this land was subdivided to create Hardware Lane South, which was named in 1927 for Hardware House.

Kirks Bazaar was created by James Bowie (J.B) Kirk, a member of the Melbourne Racing Club until his retirement in 1847. He sold the Bazaar to P. Young & Co. in 1847, before repurchasing it in 1848. Kirks Bazaar was first established in 1840 and soon became the most well known of Melbourne's horse bazaars. Several other bazaars were soon established in the surrounding Bourke Street West precinct, along with saddlers, farriers, haylofts and carriage makers.

Today Hardware Lane has a European feel to it, with a cobblestoned pavement and canopy of umbrellas. It is a popular location for dining and listening to jazz music at one of the laneway bars.

Alexandra Gerner

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