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    Correspondence file between Ratepayers of Juliet Lane and Chairman, Public Works Committee, City of Melbourne, 17 July 1865, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.

Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street is located between Exhibition and Spring streets and connects Bourke and Little Bourke streets. It was formerly known as Juliet Terrace, the companion street to Romeo Lane (now Crossley Street). It was renamed in 1890 after the Liverpool Hotel in Bourke Street. In 1950, there were several engineers, a couple clothing manufacturers and storage space in the street.

Patricia Mcmullan

Sands & McDougall's commercial and general Melbourne directory, Sands & McDougall, Melbourne, 1950. Details
'Central Melbourne: Lanes K-M', in Amendment C105 - CBD Laneways Review, City of Melbourne, 2007, http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/info.cfm?top=195&pg=3065&bp=1902&coll=8. Details