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Louden Place

Louden Place connects Bourke to Little Bourke streets between Swanston and Elizabeth streets. In 1895, the Sun Printing and Publishing company, the American Broom Manufacturers, a varnish maker, a coach builder and a worker in stained glass were located in the place.

In a letter to the Melbourne Town Clerk in 1902, Critchley Parker, the owner of a printing company in Louden Alley, complained of the difficulty encountered by people trying to find Post Office Place, where his business was located. Parker claimed that people were not familiar with the name 'Louden Alley' as the lane was commonly referred to as 'Newspaper Lane', with several publications being produced in the vicinity.

By 1910, the Royal Hotel and several printers and publishing houses were located in Louden Place.

Patricia Mcmullan

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