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Roeszler Lane

Located between William Street and King Street, Roeszler Lane extends east off Bank Place, which runs betweens Collins and Little Collins streets. A short right-of-way, it remained unnamed until the late 1990s or early 2000s.

In August 1890, K. Dickson Kiddle, who occupied Bank Place, contacted the City of Melbourne Inspector of Nuisances about the state of the drainage from the urinals in this lane. Dickson Kiddle described the urinal as 'simply an earthenware receptacle on the north side of the wall and a pipe leading through the wall into the right-of-way', which collected 'pools of most offensive matter... causing an unbearable smell and great risk to health'.

Biheng Zhang

Unit 673, no. 1573; VPRS 3181/P000, City of Melbourne Town Clerk's Files Series 1; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details